November 13, 2023

Groke collaborates with Wingsails – Groke camera installed in the cutting-edge vessel

Groke has been chosen to provide its camera to Pyxis Ocean - the world’s first vessel that had WindWings retrofitted.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s Pyxis Ocean, chartered by Cargill, is the first vessel to be retrofitted with two WindWings, which are large wing sails measuring up to 37,5 meters in height that can be fitted to the deck of cargo ships to harness the power of the wind. Produced by an inventor and designer, Bar Technologies and industrialization partner Yara Marine Technologies, they are expected to generate average fuel savings of up to 30 percent on new build vessels, which could be even higher if combined with alternative fuels.

With the WindWings on deck, the visibility from the bridge was restricted, and therefore, a solution to provide the view to the crews was necessary. After being evaluated with several other potential solution providers, Groke Technologies was chosen to be installed on board to provide not only visibility but also to enhance safety and be the first step towards autonomy. After many discussions and testing, Groke was successfully able to pass the requirements from DNV, and the actual installation took place at the COSCO shipyard in China, together with the WindWings. Since this August, she has already made a couple of voyages around the world. Groke has been following the journey closely and supporting the crew along the way.  

Groke will continue to grow its use cases to vessels with limited visibility.