May 12, 2022

Groke Technologies Product Launch

Groke Technologies will be launching the first product officially on Thursday the19th of May. To celebrate this we are arranging a virtual online launch event.

The journey from when we started the company in October 2019 has been an exciting one, we started with 4 founders and now we have 18 employees in Finland and five persons in Japan. From a development point of view we started from blank paper in 2019 and now we are proud to say that after more than two years of R&D, intesive testing in lab and onboard our pilot installation vessels now it is time to release our first product Groke Pro to market.

In order to introduce to you all the unique features we have engineered into our solution we decided to arrange a unique launch event simply called The Launch. The virtual event will last approximately 50 minutes and during the event we will take you through our journey and present our new Groke Pro product.

Event Program (all times are in Helsinki, UTC +03:00 time)

9:45 Streaming Starts
The stream starts 15 mins before the showtime

10:00 Welcome and opening words
Event host: Heikki Valkama

10:05 Story of Groke Technologies
Founders of Groke talk about founding the company and what separates us from others in this domain.
Groke Technologies founders: Juha Rokka, Iiro Lindborg, Mervi Pitkänen, Marja-Liisa Laihonen

10:15 The Launch
The launch of our first product Groke Pro, the technical experts provide detailed information about our solution and our user interface.
Groke Technologies technical team: Mikko McMenamin, Mikko Mäkelä-Vaitilo & Teemu Helenius

10:40 Greetings from Japan
Interview on why we have focused heavily on Japanese domestic shipping and insights about collaboration between Finland and Japan.
Groke Technologies Japan: Ayano Sumiyoshi

10:50 Event closing
Heikki Valkama and Juha Rokka

The event’s main language will be English and is subtitled into Japanese or from Japanese to English.

To join the event, click the registration link below:

Register for the event