June 30, 2021

Press Release: Weathernews and Groke Technologies partner for autonomy development

Weathernews Inc., the world’s largest weather service company, providing services for up to 10,000 vessels worldwide daily, and Groke Technologies Ltd., a start-up creating navigation solutions and developing new navigation technologies, will partner to automate and digitize the shipping industry.

The two companies will first collaborate to provide better services related to weather and meteorological data, route planning, autonomous solutions, and more. In the next phase, they plan to create an open innovation platform related to autonomy, where companies both in and out of the marine industry can collaborate to bring innovative ideas to the world.

Hidenori Iwasa, an Executive Officer of Weathernews Inc. says he believes that ship-operated digital twins will evolve faster than most are  predicting. The goal of Weathernews Inc. and Groke is to incorporate all five senses, including the weather and sea conditions that the captain feels during the voyage, to create a real-time, realistic world. He is convinced that this will be the next safe operation technology now and in the autonomous ship era.

Juha Rokka, the Chief Executive Officer of Groke Technologies says that the partnership with Weathernews Inc. is a remarkable milestone for Groke in developing awareness systems and widening the partnerships in strategic areas of development. He sees Weathernews similar to Groke in having an innovative and open-minded culture, and is excited about the collaboration.

Weathernews Inc. is the world’s largest private weather service provider. For over fifty years, Weathernews has helped ship masters, as well as shore-side operators, on more than a million voyages.  By working with partners and supporters around the globe, we have been able to expand our services and provide our customers with innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing their businesses today.

Groke Technologies is a Finnish start-up established in 2019 in cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation. Groke is developing intelligent navigation systems for shipping operations with the aim of creating safer and more comfortable working conditions on-board vessels.

Published: 1st of July 2021