December 27, 2022

Tokyo Kisen Co., Ltd. invests in Groke

Groke Technologies ("Groke") has accepted an investment from Tokyo Kisen Co., Ltd. ("Tokyo Kisen").

Tokyo Kisen is a leading shipping company that operates tugboats for many years throughout Tokyo Bay, one of the world's most congested sea areas. Tokyo Kisen has long been involved in Groke product development. In the early stages of development, the company installed camera units for image collection on its tugboat to provide image data, and later installed pilot Groke products on its tugboat and ferry operated by its subsidiary, Tokyo-wan Ferry Co., Ltd., to support Groke product development. In this background, Tokyo Kisen has been interested in Groke’s technology for the realization of autonomous ships in the future and decided to invest in the company.

Groke decided to accept the investment since it enables us to develop from a user's perspective based on feedbacks from Tokyo Kisen, which has abundant operation experience in the congested sea areas. We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration and development of our system further for tug boat specific use.

Groke keeps developing ship operation systems and technology that create a safer and more comfortable ship operation.