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"Blending is useful for watch keeping at night, especially for night operation in port. I adjust the blending ratio depending on the surrounding environment."

- Crew Member using Groke Pro

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Poor Lookout

Poor lookout is one of the key reasons for collisions. Poor lookout is experienced during nighttime and other low-visibility conditions, such as heavy mist or fog. Regular cameras and the human eye can’t accurately see objects and shapes in low-light conditions. Further, keeping watch in low-light conditions causes fatigue, which further increases the possibility of a collision or close-call situations.

See Better - Reduce Crew Stress & Fatigue

Groke Pro is equipped with two cameras: visual and thermal. The visual camera is a 4K camera with a 220-degree field of view. It provides the crew with crisp images during daytime operations and perfectly captures the navigation lights and their colors during nighttime operations. The 4K thermal camera is an infrared camera that can see objects that the visual camera and human eye can't see in low-visibility conditions such as nighttime.

Visual Camera

During nighttime the visual camera perfectly captures the navigation lights and their colors. However, in low-light conditions like this, visual camera and human eye can't see all objects and shapes.

Thermal Camera

During nighttime, the thermal camera sees objects that the human eye and visual camera can't see. However, the thermal camera can't see navigation lights and their colors.

Blended View

Groke Pro's unique blending function combines the two images from visual and thermal cameras. In the blended view, you can perfectly see both the objects and navigation lights and their colors.

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"Groke Pro's risk analysis tool is invaluable for our crew when making difficult decisions on board."

- John Ship, Boating Corporation