"Everything, including  camera view, is on one screen,which is helpful because you can quickly check what you are seeing"

- Crew Member using Groke Pro

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Groke Pro User Experience

The amount of information from all sensors on the vessel can be overwhelming. The relevant information must be clearly presented. A smooth user experience and intuitive user interface enable better decision-making and more efficient communication among crew members.Groke Pro has the best user interface in the market. The iPad-based tablet is intuitive to use and allows easy access to all Groke Pro features. Groke Pro is also available with a large 27" fixed display.

Smooth User Experience

Intuitive User Interface

Groke Pro offers a fantastic user experience. Our tablet-based user interface is intuitive and easy to use. All information is clearly presented, and the next feature is just a push of a fingertip away.

All Features in one Display

All Groke Pro features, from basic object detection to the Augmented Reality mode and sophisticated real-time risk analysis, are all available in one easy-to-use display.

Tablet or a Fixed Monitor

As a standard, Groke Pro is delivered with an iPad-based tablet display. A larger 27" fixed display is available as an option. Your vessel, your choice.

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